Possessed by Books

12/25/11 This is the time of year when everyone’s making Best Of lists from the past year. My list for the year includes We, the Animals by Justin Torres, and Hotel Utopia by Robert Miltner, two books that run many times deeper than long, each […]


11/6/11 Novelist Mona Simpson’s eulogy for her brother Steve Jobs is online in the NY Times. His tremendous hunger to live the life he was meant to live may be the most important gift he leaves us. We joke sometimes […]

Crazy Good

Time seems to be telescoping at the moment–it’s taken me three days to get this uploaded, so please forgive that some of it’s a little dated. 10/15/11 Kattywompus authors are up to some great stuff, which I’ll update here soon. […]

Roots & Fruits

9/29/11 Rosh Hashana can be loosely translated as “head of the year.” I’m working here at the wompus today, on the Jewish New Year, and if there is any truth to the notion that where you place your energy at […]

I Am The Baloney

9/15/11 Chris Howey’s book launch Monday night at Dobama Theater was so much fun. Forty or fifty people turned out to support and celebrate her new collection, If You Should Find Yourself Submerged In a Pond Under Ice. Ever the […]

The Hugely Profitable Business of Poetry

Duotrope does not list Kattywompus Press. If you’re one of the many writers who utilize their site for submissions, you won’t find us. I’d submit a listing, but Duotrope does not include in publications listings any publisher that charges the […]


8/11/11 I don’t know anybody who believes we live in a post-racial society. Ariana Huffington’s got all the usual statistics to contradict that notion of post-discriminatory life, in the blog where she kicks off a new section of the Huff […]

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Dylan on the Cuyahoga

8/7/11 Only a few feet of air between me and Bob Dylan last night at Nautica Pavillion. Before Dylan and his five-man band took the stage, Leon Russell played a set of rock and roll standards with plenty of blues. […]

The Work of the Skinless

7/25/11 After a week roving New England, the wompus is in workshop at the Provincetown Fine Arts Work Center, hip deep in my own manuscript and those of my workshop-mates. Here’s something I wrote as I prepared. ~ ~ ~ […]

Bats & Meet the Press

7/13/11 Check out Meet the Press in Best American Poetry’s blog series, to read Karen Schubert’s interview of me. If you’re not familiar with this site, you have a lot of good blog-reading in store: http://blog.bestamericanpoetry.com/the_best_american_poetry/2011/07/meet-the-press-kattywompus.html A couple weeks ago […]