Monthly Archives: September 2011

Roots & Fruits

9/29/11 Rosh Hashana can be loosely translated as “head of the year.” I’m working here at the wompus today, on the Jewish New Year, and if there is any truth to the notion that where you place your energy at... Read More

I Am The Baloney

9/15/11 Chris Howey’s book launch Monday night at Dobama Theater was so much fun. Forty or fifty people turned out to support and celebrate her new collection, If You Should Find Yourself Submerged In a Pond Under Ice. Ever the... Read More

The Hugely Profitable Business of Poetry

Duotrope does not list Kattywompus Press. If you’re one of the many writers who utilize their site for submissions, you won’t find us. I’d submit a listing, but Duotrope does not include in publications listings any publisher that charges the... Read More