Soup, Titles, Time

The secret to soup stock: simmer forever. The more concentrated the better. Titles are like that. The more concentrated, the more intense the flavor, the better. Of course, the right ingredients, fresh ingredients, are also key. Gregory Orr’s Concerning the […]

The Books Are Calling

6/24/11 Some things get done when they must come hell or high water. Yesterday I dragged a chair up from the basement. It’s an ungainly one-woman carry, a boxy PVC frame with soft outdoor cushions. It’s one of six for […]


Have you ever used needle and thread to re-affix a button, tack up a hem, pull back together a seam that had unraveled? We started hand-stitching books last year and we love the careful, detailed, tactile process of making these […]

Scones, Hispanola, Cornell West

5/31/11 My daughter is doing a micro-credit service project in the Dominican Republic. She’s getting a fat taste of American-NGO-volunteer-in-third-world-setting. It might be a formative moment. She’s frustrated by the productivity, or lack, of her group as they stumble over […]

Irregularly Irregular

Irregularly Irregular 5/28/11   Friday my one-woman production run was interrupted by a visit from my webmaster, Brian Miller. Brian is a jack of all trades who among other things runs a server and maintains websites for a number of […]

Nervous Itch

Nervous Itch I’m doing several production runs this week at the press. This morning I was folding a collated set of 95 manuscripts of a lovely poetry chapbook, Curie, by Jessica Cuello. After many reviews of the manuscript and conversations […]

Protests Swell at Tahrir Square

We got back from AWP Sunday evening. I spent four days there doing only two things: Kattywompus Press work (mostly meeting and talking with hundreds of wonderful writers), and socializing with writer friends who I don’t get to see often […]