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Tidal Wave: Author Kofi Antwi Interviewed

Kofi is interviewed here by the publisher, long-distance, some months ago, during the height of the pandemic and under the previous administration (to which you will see reference). We hope you enjoy this peek into the artist’s process. How has... Read More

Disasters and Delights on the Long Road

It occurred to me to re-start Ross Gay’s The Book of Delights a couple months ago, this time savoring his modest entries one at a time. It’s my official morning book, the one I try to pick up while my... Read More

Protesters, Terrorists, or Right Wing Shills

Protesters don’t carry AK47s, wave swastika flags, or block ambulances. Some people would call them terrorists. I call them Koch brothers shills. Whatever you call them, it’s the usual right wing thrust: undermine trust in government, at a moment... Read More

Queens College Chapbook Fest

[UPDATE: Fest is off, stay tuned for chap/music release] Kattywompus Press brings the newest release from the Cornelius Eady Trio to the Queens College Chapbook Fest, March 26-28, run by Kimiko Hahn. Amidst workshops and panels and readings, the Chapbook... Read More

Houston Chronicle highlights poet Van Garrett

Van Garrett is one of those writers whose poems manage to convey multiple layers and levels of our reality, while welcoming the reader like a wide-open front door, the kind of poetry you hand to somebody who claims they don’t... Read More

A Question of Honesty, A Question of Respect

My Taoist friend Maj ran poetry workshops for veterans. He used to say that every culture has its warrior class. We can have all the pacifist idealism we want, but in reality, humans always designate protectors. The question is, how... Read More

update: Submissions are closed – check back soon

Our winter solstice submissions period was extended by request; as of 3/2/20 we are now closed to submissions. If your manuscript is ready for prime time, fear not. We’ll reopen again soon. Meantime, check out our guidelines: Read More

Being ahead of the curve didn’t make me happy.

When I left the yoga studio in my neighborhood, ten years ago, I’d been struggling alone with issues of inappropriate touch in class—issues that now are emerging into public view. Both of the teachers whose touch had disturbed me were... Read More

Princeton Poetry Festival

Cornelius Eady posted this pic of his latest, captioned, “Heard any good books lately?” It’s a special release for Princeton Poetry Festival, October 25 & 26, where he and his trio will perform music recorded at renowned Sun Studios down... Read More

A writer’s life and work

“A writer’s life and work are not a gift to mankind; they are its necessity.”  —Toni Morrison In the past year I rejected several manuscripts which initially excited me because they addressed, or seemed to be positioned to address, some... Read More