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Houston Chronicle highlights poet Van Garrett

Van Garrett is one of those writers whose poems manage to convey multiple layers and levels of our reality, while welcoming the reader like a wide-open front door, the kind of poetry you hand to somebody who claims they don’t... Read More

A Question of Honesty, A Question of Respect

My Taoist friend Maj ran poetry workshops for veterans. He used to say that every culture has its warrior class. We can have all the pacifist idealism we want, but in reality, humans always designate protectors. The question is, how... Read More

Submissions are Open 12/20/19 –

Our winter solstice submissions period has been extended by request. Send ’em if ya got ’em, and if your manuscript is not ready for prime time, fear not. We’ll be open for a bit longer. Read More

Being ahead of the curve didn’t make me happy.

When I left the yoga studio in my neighborhood, ten years ago, I’d been struggling alone with issues of inappropriate touch in class—issues that now are emerging into public view. Both of the teachers whose touch had disturbed me were... Read More

Princeton Poetry Festival

Cornelius Eady posted this pic of his latest, captioned, “Heard any good books lately?” It’s a special release for Princeton Poetry Festival, October 25 & 26, where he and his trio will perform music recorded at renowned Sun Studios down... Read More

A writer’s life and work

“A writer’s life and work are not a gift to mankind; they are its necessity.”  —Toni Morrison In the past year I rejected several manuscripts which initially excited me because they addressed, or seemed to be positioned to address, some... Read More

Life as Dystopian Fiction

False equivalency and calling lies the truth. Apparently that’s the neighborhood where we live. Several people have emailed to ask if the wompus is still in business, so I felt compelled to answer: We are alive and kicking. But posting... Read More

Electoral college shmectoral college

Hark, the fast ebbing debate over our anachronistic electoral college. Let’s all pretend for a moment that we understand the actual mechanisms of our little experiment in democracy. Ask yourself how we got saddled in the first place with this unwieldy intermediary... Read More

Still we rise

My partner has been dreaming for the past week of plane crashes, then last night dreamt that the Buddha was dead, and concluded: It’s more important than ever that we keep kindness alive. Van Jones: “This was a whitelash against... Read More

Bandzoogle, WordFest, Verse Daily, Grace Note

Around the wompus on Banned Book Week… Verse Daily has chosen the poem Blue-footed Boobies from Sally Bliumis-Dunn’s Galapagos Poems. Van Garrett’s poems will be recognized and anthologized at Waco WordFest 2016, a ‘festival within a festival’ offering an exciting variety of events... Read More