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Indefensible Marriage Act

That title on a NY Times opinion piece simply signed The Editorial Board made me happy yesterday morning. Cornelius Eady’s Book of Hooks AWP perfomance is reviewed in Hinged: Journal of Converging Arts. Several people on a book arts list... Read More

Inbox: Po Month, Cloud Spying, Contract Dispute, Farewell Achebe, Rick Moody

An email from Knopf beginning: Poetry Month is almost here. Ugh. Yes, I hate poetry month, both because it implies the rest of the year is NOT poetry time and because it erupts with a relentless stream of poetry events,... Read More

“My life is over” (or Redemption’s Open Door) with a pre-script (is that a word?) on the reinvention of the novel

As usual, Hyperallergic is ahead of the curve. Check out their review of Chasin’s new novel, Brief, which is construed as an iPad app. Continuing in the new technologies vein, Slate has an interesting piece on the prosecution of Matthew Keys for a tiny... Read More

Literary slut

I drove home from the airport this morning before dawn in white-out snow, a pickup, the red-eye from LA. All the past week has been like this, noticing sign after sign of spring, even as the winter storms continue to... Read More

glimpses from Boston

The wompus traveling valise, loaded with copies of our first musical publication Book of Hooks, by Cornelius Eady. (Photo courtesy Leah Umansky).... Read More

twice baked

Sketches of AWP 2013 Strangest encounter in Boston: a gentleman stops by the booth and commences speaking at about a thousand RPM while waving a book he’s written, making claims of various famous friends including the Dalai Lama. One of... Read More

boston baked

Last night a friend emailed her experience of AWP, a note which read like a manic manifesto of the upcoming writer. This might say less about my friend than it does about the nature of AWP as it erupts into... Read More