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CHAPBOOKS: Anything that wants to live on about 30 text pages or less. No genre restriction.     FULL LENGTH manuscripts: we consider the first 20 pages; if we like that excerpt, we’ll ask you to send the full manuscript.     SPECIAL PROJECTS: Limited editions, special bindings, unique artist’s books, musical-literary publications, other wackadoodle projects. Query with BRIEF description.     POETS GREATEST HITS is no longer a Kattywompus production.     ANTHOLOGIES: Not currently accepting submissions.


EMAIL: All submissions via email with Word.doc attachment.     CHAPBOOK MANUSCRIPT LENGTH: Generally 20 to 36 pages of text. One poem per page (unless it’s Haiku or other extremely short pieces—or one continuous piece—we have no size prejudice). Include Contents page, Acknowledgments, author name & contact info.     FORMAT in 11 point Times New Roman font. Don’t auto-format page numbers. Leave formatting as simple as content allows. If we want to publish your manuscript and you’ve sent it with all kinds of embedded non-standard spacing or fonts we will require that you format it to our specs, before we accept it. We are friendly to non-standard formatting only when required by the nature of the writing itself (e.g. for a shaped poem).     PROOFREAD carefully before sending.     SUBMIT ORIGINAL WRITING for which you hold copyright or can easily obtain it–if it’s been in a journal, make sure copyright has reverted to you after they published your piece.     NO SIMULTANEOUS SUBMISSIONS: We love writers but we can’t invest in manuscripts that fly away. If you can’t wait, let us know and we’ll do our best to accommodate.

READING FEE: We put a lot of time, energy and love into reviewing submissions. We make no promises of editorial feedback but we often include it with both acceptance and rejection letters. We ask in return that you invest a $15 reading fee to have your work considered: Click here to pay reading fee. We waive the fee for hardship, please email us. If you have other questions, query us: