Monthly Archives: May 2011

Scones, Hispanola, Cornell West

5/31/11 My daughter is doing a micro-credit service project in the Dominican Republic. She’s getting a fat taste of American-NGO-volunteer-in-third-world-setting. It might be a formative moment. She’s frustrated by the productivity, or lack, of her group as they stumble over... Read More

Irregularly Irregular

Irregularly Irregular 5/28/11   Friday my one-woman production run was interrupted by a visit from my webmaster, Brian Miller. Brian is a jack of all trades who among other things runs a server and maintains websites for a number of... Read More

Nervous Itch

Nervous Itch I’m doing several production runs this week at the press. This morning I was folding a collated set of 95 manuscripts of a lovely poetry chapbook, Curie, by Jessica Cuello. After many reviews of the manuscript and conversations... Read More

Protests Swell at Tahrir Square

We got back from AWP Sunday evening. I spent four days there doing only two things: Kattywompus Press work (mostly meeting and talking with hundreds of wonderful writers), and socializing with writer friends who I don’t get to see often... Read More