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Kattywompus Press

is an independent literary small press publishing poetry, fiction, nonfiction, artist’s books, literary music projects, and other genre-defying work.

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A Question of Honesty, A Question of Respect

My Taoist friend Maj ran poetry workshops for veterans. He used to say that every...
January 26, 2020

Submissions are Open 12/20/19 –

Our winter solstice submissions period has been extended by request. Send ’em if ya got...
December 20, 2019

Being ahead of the curve didn’t make me happy.

When I left the yoga studio in my neighborhood, ten years ago, I’d been struggling...
November 10, 2019

Princeton Poetry Festival

Cornelius Eady posted this pic of his latest, captioned, “Heard any good books lately?” It’s...
October 8, 2019

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