Monthly Archives: January 2013

While you’re busy making plans

Teju Cole tweeted seven flash fictions about drone strikes. The second one begins, “Call me Ishmael.” This is an off-shoot of his small fates twitter project. Richard Blanco is our first Hispanic, first openly gay, youngest ever inaugural poet. I was talking with […]

Bigger on the Inside

This was the worst flight of my life. That’s what a woman was saying, loudly, as we disembarked last night, blessedly back home in Cleveland, in the middle of the storm. Then she told her friend how she would write […]

The Next Big Thing: in which the publisher puts on her writer hat

Maybe you’ve heard of The Next Big Thing, the latest spin on an old time chain letter. It’s a blog chain that’s circulating in which a writer answers ten prefab interview questions about a current project, then tags a handful […]

What’s wrong with this picture

For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge is an article by Randy Faucheux in Dig: Baton Rouge Uncovered about a new Lavender Ink anthology and its editor, Vincent Cellucci. Because of the book’s title (and maybe its all-puns-intended content?) Fuck Poems has encountered some […]

No Django for me, Notable New Books from small presses

Some of the debate about the movie Django Unchained goes right past me. I don’t think the problem is use of the n word. I think it’s the choice of subject matter and the manner in which that subject is […]

Triskaidekaphobia & Prison for Poems

A friend was startled, because of the old superstition, when I mentioned that one of my cats is black. I’ve heard a couple people making hay out of the new year ending in 13, another locus of superstitious fear. Somebody […]