KATTYWOMPUS PRESS is an independent literary small press founded in Cleveland in 2010, migrating in 2014 to Boston. We publish poetry, fiction, nonfiction, unclassifiable. If it doesn’t fit the usual categories we get excited. We are slightly obsessed with finding the container that best suits the content: chapbook, full length book, hand-stitched, perfect bound, unique artist’s books, e-books, literary music projects.


Sammy Greenspan
Publisher. Editor. Director of Salon-Cleveland workshop, 2010-2013. Writer, Pushcart nominee. Current work can be found at In Posse Review, RedRoom (Thethepoetry) and Quickly online, in the 2012 anthology Fuck Poetry (Lavender Ink) and in the 2012 limited edition chapbook Skin Hunger (Cutty Wren). Previous incarnations include waitress, artist, lab tech, physician, homeschooler, educational advocate.

Vincent Myers
Assistant Editor. Tech Consultant. Jack of all small press trades. Vincent has worked everywhere from restaurants to maximum security prisons. He does not admit that he’s an artist and a writer but we have the proof.

Bonné de Blas
Artist’s Books Editor. Book artist, writer. Her poetry has been published in ant, ant, ant, ant, ant; Ocotillo Flame; Levy Graffiti; Brushfire; and Poetalk, and in the Pudding House anthologies What I Knew Before I Knew  and Another Memorial for Wallace Stevens. Her artist’s books have been exhibited and collected nationally and internationally.

Friend of the wompus who occasionally blogs for us. We are not permitted to reveal his identity. We do what we can to keep him in line, and we try to stay on his good side.

Thank you to our 2013 north coast support staff and interns: Dawn, Meghan, John, Kara, Kat, Emmalyn. We couldn’t have done it without you, and you will be missed.