Songbirds and lilac bushes are of the opinion spring is imminent on the north coast.

The largest marketplace for guns is, according to the NY Times, Facebook.

Hackaday Projects is showing taser-proof clothing.

Wayne Dyer says you should do what comes easily. If it’s difficult you aren’t doing the thing you are meant to do. (Quoted on NPR: the only writer for whom writing comes easily is John Updike).

Robert Redford was passed over and Sandra Bullock was a nominee for their solitary performances. She spent much of the film in her underwear; he was garbed in a gangly improvised array of waterproof and sun-shielding garments.

Solomon Northup’s story ends, in the Hollywood version, with his return to freedom and not–as in the actual biography–his subsequent work as an abolitionist.

The majority of chocolate is produced by children in forced labor.

Ray Jasper’s death row testimony: “You can go to any penitentiary in this country and see slavery.”

Late Night Library, “dedicated to sustaining book culture, promoting literature in schools and communities, and supporting a diverse array of writers early in their careers,” is a year younger than the wompus and going strong. Despite our proximity at the AWP bookfair clusterflap, we managed not to egg each other on into any serious trouble–even during the amazon presentation on a nearby bookfair stage.

with springtime love,