My partner has been dreaming for the past week of plane crashes, then last night dreamt that the Buddha was dead, and concluded: It’s more important than ever that we keep kindness alive.

Van Jones: “This was a whitelash against a changing country.” It seems time now, in sober daylight, to focus on what we can and must do, going forward. One thing about the winning candidate, he exemplifies what I used to say under some previous regimes: It can be better to deal with the known. I’d sooner debate a man who tells me straight up his beliefs, than one who masquerades as some kind of moderate.

And now is the time to affirm community across lines of gender and orientation, class and race, religion and country of origin. We gotta stand up for each other, now more than ever.

Andre Perry on My Son’s Only President. Krista Tippett’s podcast from last week with Natasha Trethewey and Eboo Patel, presciently titled How to Live Beyond This Election.

Poetry as survival: Michael Longley on The Vitality of Ordinary Things.

Michael Moore’s Morning-After To-Do List.

thanks to Brian Stansberry for the photo