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Black Lives Matter; Reviews; Carrying On

Yes, we are repeating ourselves, in light of repetitious events. I don’t really care what her tox screen shows or whether she had prior suicidal ideation, or even so much what the local coroner finds. I want a federal investigation,... Read More

Booth 307

We’ll be in Minneapolis next week for the annual cluster-book known as AWP. You can find us in the book fair at Booth 307. And we’ll be out to play Thursday evening, from 8 till 10 at the Poets Corner of... Read More

Bargain with the Speed of Light, by Patricia Percival

"Poems became sieves, lures for glints of thought"... Read More

Mended, by Kathleen McGookey

New prose poems from Kathleen McGookey that celebrate the everyday, imprecate and pray to the wild divine.... Read More

Steel Toe, Dark Snow

Tom C. Hunley, over at Steel Toe Books, has an open reading period this month and next: order one of their titles direct from the press, and pay no submission fee for your full length manuscript. Shivani Mehta’s strange, evocative prose... Read More

The Name of This Game, by Tom Lombardo

Lombardo's poems will make you forget what you think you know about football, charging from narrative as gritty as an off-tackle play, to mesmerizing deconstructions of medical text chapters on concussion, a delicate dance-dream in which the mind struggles to surface from repetitive trauma.... Read More

Keeping an Eye on the Stones, by Don Thompson

These new prose poems from Don Thompson are observed with an unflinching eye for the world both man-made and natural, and offer a vision at once somber, and filled with light.... Read More

Animal Soul, by Mary Carroll-Hackett

In her new collection, Animal Soul, Mary Carroll-Hackett does not just give us “the colon before the list of truest things.” She begins that list for us, with poems like “Galileo’s Fingers,” “Six Rules For Devils,” and “This Bread, Those... Read More

Bring Down the Sky, by Karen Schubert

Karen Schubert’s Bring Down the Sky draws us into the world of the artist, and locates there the deep human impulse for esthetic and moral authenticity. These poems coalesce beneath us, sure footing, a gentle yet powerful literary response to Archimedes’... Read More

Closure, by Mary Weems

Closure cracks open the foreclosure crisis of our time, personifying its particularities—right down to the abandoned kitchen sink—and in the process, uncorking the fragile and vibrant life of a community under siege. Mary E. Weems is a poet, Playwright, and scholar... Read More