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Cat Poems: Wompus Tales & A Play of Despair, by Christopher Shipman

A cloud, a bird in parenthesis, a ballerina; the theater curtain itself: welcome to the whacky cast of characters of Metaphysique D'Ephemera, the play which innovator Chris Shipman has interspersed with his prose poems about the Wompus Cats, fearsome fabled... Read More

Kafka’s Cat, by Karen Greenbaum-Maya

How, how to learn to be funny. Start as a vegetarian with a butcher for a father.... Read More

Galapagos Poems, by Sally Bliumis-Dunn

Their willowy necks / stir the pond’s bottom / as though drawing in slow motion // like Japanese monks / in Zen gardens who rake / sand, heads bent. // The birds step deliberately, / their dark legs, stems /... Read More

Mercury Retrograde: Fried Electronics, Transportation Mishaps, Snarled Communications, by Ed. Sammy Greenspan

The first chapbook anthology from Kattywompus, edited by Sammy Greenspan: poetry, prose poems, essays, mini-fictions by 17 authors known and unknown.... Read More

Triskaidekaphobia & Prison for Poems

A friend was startled, because of the old superstition, when I mentioned that one of my cats is black. I’ve heard a couple people making hay out of the new year ending in 13, another locus of superstitious fear. Somebody... Read More

Tidal Wave, by Kofi Antwi

I am we, the dream/  resurrected // the case trial and verdict / guilty of all counts... Read More

Waking Light, by Kathryn Weld

As bramble grips / the field, the pulse of heat- / lightning, our porous world.... Read More

Touched by an Anglo, by Frank Mundo

In my dreams I still smoke / cigarettes. / And I’m always still about 16 years old. ... Read More

Skeletons & Celebrations

Two skeleton covers on the homepage, on chapbooks by Kelly Fordon and Bonne de Blas. You should read them both, and then for comic relief, try Chris Howey’s chap. (Click on the links to read Kelly’s description of writing The Witness;... Read More

My Graphic Novel, by Dennis Etzel

After a radioactive spider bites / me, I develop superpowers / of fragility. My head / buzzes with fear. I climb / walls all night. ... Read More