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summer reading

Jeanette Winterson is always interesting, always risking something with her prose. I’d finished Ann Patchett’s State of Wonder in two days, a near miracle for me these days, and I wanted more, but neither the regular bookstore nor the used […]

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Mud, laryngitis, poetry, song

Poets House has extended its annual showcase through August 17. You can see, fondle, sit and peruse this past year’s publications from the wompus along with a slew of other wonderful books by small presses throughout the US and beyond. […]

Farewell to Kathleene

As difficult as this post is to compose, I have been avoiding the task. But for those of you familiar with her work and her presence, it imust be told: we have lost Kathleene West. Below is her obituary, written […]

SPLC and keeping the faith, Weapons of mass distraction, falling between the cracks

Following Zimmerman’s acquittal in the killing of Trayvon Martin last night, I felt a sense of deja vu, a deep and exhausted dissapointment. Today in my inbox comes the response of Richard Cohen, President and CEO of the Southern Poverty […]

Coming attractions, Solstice, Patriot acts, Lost missives, Faux books, G-8, Soles

In the pipeline: Postcards; Twinsets; Ebonics poems; Our first chapbook essay collection. Yoga, coffee, pack, load new books to the wompus bookstore, that’s my day. Tomorrow we finish up a production run and send out a lot of books, and […]

Shiitakes, asteroids, the skinless/tough-skinned writing life

Too early this morning at the farmer’s market, shiitakes and asparagus, balsamic and salsa and spelt scones. It’s not California (we just got back from LA) but there’s stuff growing up the road, stuff being made around here. My partner […]

Roll Over Ezra, Mousetraps at Fukushima Daichi, Defying the law

On Harriet, the Poetry Foundation blog, check out Cornelius Eady on word-drunk music, roots in the blues, and the arc of his band Rough Magic. Five songs from Book of Hooks are up on ReverbNation in joyous, electrifying rehearsal and […]

Whiskey & water, Police at the door, Pam Uschuk, Digital resale, Redemption by landscape

Whisky is for drinking, water is for fighting. In Montana there’s a dispute over water rights on a reservation now populated by three whites for every Indian. Do you ever start out to talk about something only to realize you must […]

Boston, Going postal, Neruda’s remains, Victor Jara, Your patented DNA

Cleveland rapid transit and one downtown section of highway are closed down today due to discovery of a suspicious item in a Rapid station. Our hearts are with friends and colleagues in beloved sister city Boston, which we so recently […]

Stone Cold Jane at the Roller Derby, The Writer’s Audience, Hostility to Intellect

We love bookdress. The sheer creativity, the humor, the meta of it just makes us smile. Speaking of generous writing, Cornelius Eady is performing cuts from Book of Hooks and a bunch of other music and poetry all around the country. From […]