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Disasters and Delights on the Long Road

It occurred to me to re-start Ross Gay’s The Book of Delights a couple months ago, this time savoring his modest entries one at a time. It’s my official morning book, the one I try to pick up while my... Read More

Nearly Naked

There’s a long, intriguing email exchange posted as an article in one of the NY Times magazines (T, their “Style” mag), between actress and director, Nathalie Portman, and her friend of fifteen years, the novelist Jonathan Safran Foer. I got... Read More

Black Lives Matter; Reviews; Carrying On

Yes, we are repeating ourselves, in light of repetitious events. I don’t really care what her tox screen shows or whether she had prior suicidal ideation, or even so much what the local coroner finds. I want a federal investigation,... Read More


We have arrived at a series of stark moments in our national narrative. Drones, climate-change-deniers, divesting fossil fuel investments, Tom Magliozzi, Francesca Lia Block, a friend’s new baby, and paying it forward at the holidays: these were some of the things I was writing about when... Read More