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AWP & other human foibles

So often humans seem the least sensible creatures. We are speechless at the latest violence perpetrated by humans, against other humans; at the continuing agony of misery, of civilians fleeing violence, caught again in the literal and metaphorical crossfire. We gape as... Read More

respect your colleagues

Kerfuffle around AWP: it made the news in Publisher’s Weekly, Huff Post picked it up, and it’s apparently all over Facebook, but if you want a cogent breakdown try Rich Villar’s blog, “Allies, Firefighters, and the Genesis of Representation Anxiety in Big... Read More

Selma & Oslo

Our staff is down at the moment, so submissions are closed, and a few other things are moving slower than normal for the wompus. That’s life in the small press lane. We saw Selma in a downtown theater in Boston,... Read More