Skeletons & Celebrations

Two skeleton covers on the homepage, on chapbooks by Kelly Fordon and Bonne de Blas. You should read them both, and then for comic relief, try Chris Howey’s chap. (Click on the links to read Kelly’s description of writing The Witness; […]

respect your colleagues

Kerfuffle around AWP: it made the news in Publisher’s Weekly, Huff Post picked it up, and it’s apparently all over Facebook, but if you want a cogent breakdown try Rich Villar’s blog, “Allies, Firefighters, and the Genesis of Representation Anxiety in Big […]

Black Lives Matter; Reviews; Carrying On

Yes, we are repeating ourselves, in light of repetitious events. I don’t really care what her tox screen shows or whether she had prior suicidal ideation, or even so much what the local coroner finds. I want a federal investigation, […]

Booth 307

We’ll be in Minneapolis next week for the annual cluster-book known as AWP. You can find us in the book fair at Booth 307. And we’ll be out to play Thursday evening, from 8 till 10 at the Poets Corner of […]

Selma & Oslo

Our staff is down at the moment, so submissions are closed, and a few other things are moving slower than normal for the wompus. That’s life in the small press lane. We saw Selma in a downtown theater in Boston, […]

Alistair & the $20 coffee

I couldn’t find a book for my friend’s kid. I scoured the children’s section of the bookstore and left empty-handed. I’d seen the guy when I went in, bundled beside the bookstore entrance with his cardboard sign, and I knew […]