Literary slut

I drove home from the airport this morning before dawn in white-out snow, a pickup, the red-eye from LA. All the past week has been like this, noticing sign after sign of spring, even as the winter storms continue to... Read More

glimpses from Boston

The wompus traveling valise, loaded with copies of our first musical publication Book of Hooks, by Cornelius Eady. (Photo courtesy Leah Umansky).... Read More

twice baked

Sketches of AWP 2013 Strangest encounter in Boston: a gentleman stops by the booth and commences speaking at about a thousand RPM while waving a book he’s written, making claims of various famous friends including the Dalai Lama. One of... Read More

boston baked

Last night a friend emailed her experience of AWP, a note which read like a manic manifesto of the upcoming writer. This might say less about my friend than it does about the nature of AWP as it erupts into... Read More

yawp, awp!

Here we go again, sliding into the book vortex known as the Association of Writers & Writing Programs, or AWP. This year’s cluster-duck quacks to life in 3 weeks up in Boston, where the wompus will nest (amongst other places)... Read More

Suppressing instant gratification urges, or How I learned to wait on line for a library e-book

A friend who works at the last remaining big box chain bookstore in our region tells me she spends most of her day doing work which brings in not one red cent for that company. The chain has focused largely... Read More

While you’re busy making plans

Teju Cole tweeted seven flash fictions about drone strikes. The second one begins, “Call me Ishmael.” This is an off-shoot of his small fates twitter project. Richard Blanco is our first Hispanic, first openly gay, youngest ever inaugural poet. I was talking with... Read More

Bigger on the Inside

This was the worst flight of my life. That’s what a woman was saying, loudly, as we disembarked last night, blessedly back home in Cleveland, in the middle of the storm. Then she told her friend how she would write... Read More

The Next Big Thing: in which the publisher puts on her writer hat

Maybe you’ve heard of The Next Big Thing, the latest spin on an old time chain letter. It’s a blog chain that’s circulating in which a writer answers ten prefab interview questions about a current project, then tags a handful... Read More

What’s wrong with this picture

For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge is an article by Randy Faucheux in Dig: Baton Rouge Uncovered about a new Lavender Ink anthology and its editor, Vincent Cellucci. Because of the book’s title (and maybe its all-puns-intended content?) Fuck Poems has encountered some... Read More