Adam Tavel’s epistolary urge

Adam Tavel’s epistolary urge

February 23, 2014

Adam Tavel apologized when he sent us his manuscript, a couple years ago. He was convinced epistolary writing was out of fashion. We don’t know and we don’t care about that assertion. What we do know is how wonderful the poems are, and what a nice guy Adam is. Jon Cone’s interview with Adam, CONVERSATION WITH POET ADAM TAVEL WRITTEN ON A CORN HUSK AT A SCRATCHED CHERRY TABLE IN THE KITCHEN OF A DUSTY FARM HOUSE SOMEWHERE NEAR A HILL IN JOHNSON COUNTY is tricked out with a title parodying the titles in Adam’s Kattywompus chapbook, Red Flag Up, and filled with little gems:

“A good letter redeems the minutia of one’s plodding through life—meals, sightings, the weather, how our children grow”

Another interview with Adam in Speaking of Marvels.