Fractal Cut-Ups, by Terry Wright

Fractal Cut-Ups, by Terry Wright


Product Description

Fractal Cut-Ups is brilliant, hilarious, and amazing. I strongly recommend it to anyone interested in something new in the way of writing and making sense. The potential reader should be warned, however: THESE THINGS ARE INSIDIOUS. After reading this book, one may discover that ordinary, everyday writing (as found in newspapers, magazines, bestselling books, etc.) seems odd and wildly out of kilter. In other words, Wright’s work, which is NOT gibberish, has the power to make other writing SEEM like gibberish.”      — James Twiggs, author, TRANSFERENCES 

“A fantastic collection that compares favorably with the best of surrealistic or dada poetry and/or literature, full of phrases that appear like the moon over an urban horizon and “rise up miraculous in spoken wilderness.”  Reminds me strongly of Rimbaud’s Drunken Boat or Dylan’s Tarantula.  I understand these pieces were ‘fractalized’ from tidbits found on the web and elsewhere, but it’s hard to believe that the driving force behind them was based on fractal algorithms and not Wright’s own inherent sense of ironic foreplay.”    — Terry W. Gintz, digital artist, lapidary sculptor, fractal software designer (Zplot, Quasz)