Poems for Tai Chi Players, by Anne Bower

Poems for Tai Chi Players, by Anne Bower


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Rooted in the earthy everyday of rural and farm life, Bower leads us through the mind-body practice of Tai Chi with a deft and always generous hand. This is a book that is “simply seeking ground/ pulling force from gravity up/ through bone and muscle.”

More Chi

In the quiet upstairs bedroom
by the big window
facing east,
I stepped up–rhythm slow–
from cares released,
deep in the threads of tai chi’s loom.

But the form’s wrapped and weft gave way
as through faling snow
a loud tractor beast,
huge hay bales in tow,
proved I’d ceased
perfect focus to start the day.

I persisted though distracted
now aware of sounds below,
a household jumble–
dishwasher, furnace, TV show–
each click, whir, rumble
my attention attracted.

Tractor, cows, house noise jarred me,
but then I remembered
a helpful notion
one teacher tendered:
When faced with commotion?
Consider it just more chi.