The Disambiguation of Katydids, by Jon Kelly Yenser

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The Disambiguation of Katydids, by Jon Kelly Yenser


O Lucretius, my devious / mapper of happenstance / my master of mixing / fluke with gravity / kindly show us the way

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It may be a cliche because it’s a fact: the poet of the plains has a certain plainspokenness, a certain polite candor, and Jon Kelly Yenser is back with a new collection, to clarify a few things.

First of all the fields
are not endless and there’s no point
saying that just for emphasis.
This is a soccer field.
That is a field of alfalfa.
You can see the difference.
That’s keffer corn
and those are beans and that’s
something else and so on.
The Rockies will rise by and by.


– Railing against People Railing against Kansas