Pit Bulls and J-Walks, by Van G. Garrett

Pit Bulls and J-Walks, by Van G. Garrett


Late evening jog / Half moon / Hoodie and sweats // Breds laced tight / Buddy at my side

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The open-hearted, generous poems of Van Garett’s new collection will appeal to even people who think they don’t like poetry. Through the lens of a dog’s love, and a young man’s loyalty for both his beloved pit bull, and his prized kicks, Garrett spotlights the everyday prejudices that tear us apart, and one man’s insistence on the dignity of both dog, and man.


Early morning walk
All gray
Even the hoodie and sweats

Except my breds:
Black & red Jordan’s—J’s

So lit against a drab day
Some may have thought
I was up to no good:
Or doing something worth policing

Not me
Not today
Not ever

Just early walking
With my dog
Not absent of color
Contrary to gray

Setting a landscape ablaze